Are you planning on visiting us for the first time? If you are then sometimes it is nice to have an overview of what to expect, so here is a short guide.

The first thing to be expected is a warm welcome. Our main service starts at 11:00 am but don’t worry if you are late, you won’t be the only one! There is no dress code just come as you are.

Services generally last around an hour (very occasionally it goes over!). We have a selection of hymns and songs throughout the service both modern and traditional songs accompanied on the organ.

In the Methodist tradition, anyone is welcome to take Holy Communion regardless of their faith tradition or whether they have been baptised and confirmed. When you come forward hold your hands out in front of you when the elements are being brought round. If you do not wish to take communion, simply leave your hands down, and you will receive a blessing instead.

After the service, all are welcome to join us for refreshments (free of charge) and have a chat! This is a great time to get to know people.